Happy New Year! Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and to achieving all of our goals.

Today I want to tell you guys about a challenge that I took part in at the end of 2017 on Instagram called ‘hyggeschooling’. Each day there was a different prompt for an activity or photograph.

These prompts included, ‘warmth’, ‘puzzles’, ‘blankets’, ‘hot drink’, clothing’ and more.

It’s hard to summarize the meaning of the word ‘hygge’ because it means something different to each individual but the closest comparison in our language is the word ‘cosy’.

Following the Instagram challenge, I added ‘hyggeschooling’ to my program for the witching hour, which is that time between 4:30 and 6 when our children are getting tired and beginning to wind down from their day. It’s the perfect time for some coziness!

Each child has their own ‘hygge’ bag with some cosy things in, eg a blanket, some tealights, a cookie on Friday’s, a book, a puzzle, a stuffed animal and we listen to soothing music and nestle down for an hour and a half before home time. It has become a beautiful, magical time of day!

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