Using that old baby bath

We are busy turning our home into a daycare, having recently decided to advertise for spots available in February. One thing we were short of was a sensory bin.

I am all for recycling and upcycling and thrifting and all that jazz, it is so much better for the environment!

So we have turned our old baby bath (that we barely used anyway) into a sensory bin! Today we put sand and sorting cups into it. I loved watching my daughter’s pudgy fingers raking through the sand❤️.

Sensory exploration is so essential to help our children make sense of the World around them. The mess means very little when you think about the learning that is taking place. Adding things such as sieves or containers will also mean that our little ones are developing other skills, like an understanding of shape, space and measure.

It really is the simplest things that keep our children the happiest.

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