Our pet policy

Full of Beans Daycare is a pet friendly daycare. In our house we have a dog, a cat and a hamster.

During the week the dog, Pickle, is kept separately to the children. She is a very friendly dog, she is just rather clumsy! She is always kept with our daughter during non-daycare hours but we don’t feel it is appropriate during the week.

We also have a white cat, Snow, who is a part of the house. She is not allowed to be near children during sleep time but she is a very friendly girl who doesn’t mind children, though she will usually just stay out of their way.

The hamster is kept in a 50gallon glass tank that is out of reach of the children in our main playroom. He is a white hamster and is very friendly but not the easiest animal for a child to handle so we just use him as a hamster TV rather than as an animal to pet.

All of the animals are kept cleanly and I have always enjoyed the use of animals when teaching; I have assisted with horse riding lessons for the disabled and frequently brought pets to school. I find animals act as great companions to children and that they teach them compassion and are great motivators.

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