Attachment parenting

  • What is attachment parenting?

Attachment parenting, to me, is intuitive parenting. It is also probably all of the things that our parents would tell us not to do. Things like cuddling our babies to sleep and using their cues to tell us when they are hungry or tired. Things like baby wearing or doing everything with love and positive reinforcement.

  • What are the benefits of attachment parenting?

A child who has had this type of loving care will feel more able to take supervised risks. They will have reduced stress and will be more able to form meaningful emotional attachments now and as they grow. The trust and bond between parent/carer will increase.

  • How do I, as a care provider, ensure that attachment won’t end at home?

If your child were a Mastermind topic then you would be the expert. I don’t pretend to know more about your child than you. I promise to listen to your instructions for your child and develop a tailored routine that will take into account your child’s needs as well as the other children’s needs within the program. This might mean a tailored sleep or food schedule or a tailored menu. I also operate with love. 

My positive reinforcement plan means that all challenging behaviours are handled sensitively and with caring. I don’t shout. I use a combination of strategies, including discussion, helping the child to ‘make it right’, natural consequences, redirection and I always strive to explain to children the reasons behind expectations in an effort to provide them with the intrinsic motivation needed to make the right choices.

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