Making a Mess

If you decide to send your child to Full of Beans Home Daycare then be sure to send in a set of clothes that either you don’t mind them making a mess in or that I can change them into because mess will be made.

This week I was amused when I took my five month old daughter to the store and the cashier said in horror, ‘your daughters hands are turning blue’. 

When I explained that it was ok and that she had been painting, the lady looked at me with a bewildered expression as if to say why would you have a five month old baby painting.

Actually I have lots of answers to that.

  • Because it is a very sensory experience 

There is nothing like squidging colourful paint between the fingers and watching the colours as they mix together in swirls ooze out of the crevices.

  • Because it teaches cause and effect

My little girl examined her hand and then the paper as she made her piece of artwork, connecting the dots as she looked between the two and made marks on the paper.

  • Because she is leaving her mark on the World

One that she will be able to see when she grows up as she looks at photographs and at her first sketchbook.

  • Because she is giving me lovely memories

When I see that piece of art and the lovely blue handprint that she left on the cushion behind her then I will be reminded of the day that I let me daughter ‘go wild’ with a tube of lovely paint. I will look at the blue moustache she left on her face as she grinned for her photo to be taken and I will smile anew. Maybe it will even be one for her 21st birthday party!

  • Because she is learning about how the world works

She is learning prerequisite cognitive skills that are necessary for all future learning in later life. She understands that the paper, her hand and the paint are separate entities. She learns that materials have different properties. The paper is unyielding whilst the paint changes form beneath her finger tips.

Every single day we create art. It is art that is developmental. I haven’t drawn a flower and then used her hand with mine to colour in the petals. This is her own piece of work. I will rejoice as her artwork shows progression over time and I will celebrate her independend skills. She will know that her artwork is every bit as valuable as mine and not that she should create art in precisely the way that I want her to. She will know that art is about the process and not the product and that there isn’t a single person in the World who is not an artist.

If you send your child to Full of Beans Daycare then he or she will know this also.

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